Interlock Pavers (Behaton)

Gemax operates a plant for the production of vibro-pressed concrete accessories, which is owned by TCL (Transkop-Paraćin and Concreteland-Stari Banovci).
The production process of vibro-pressed concrete accessories is fully automated and computerized.
The production line is serviced by an automatic concrete factory with two mixers whose computer control enables the adjustment of optimal conditions (humidity of the aggregate, amount of paint, cement, water and concrete admixtures).
The production line of “HI-TEC” technology guarantees both top quality and large capacity.
In the optimal mode of operation, the capacity of the line ranges from 150-200 m2 of behaton slabs per hour or 100-150 meters of concrete curbs per hour.
Thanks to high quality on the one hand, and large capacity, on the other hand, we are able to successfully meet all market demands.
All materials used for the production of vibro-pressed concrete accessories, as well as the accessories themselves, have quality certificates issued by an accredited institution.

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