Asphalt Production

Plants for the production of asphalt mixtures with appropriate fractions of mineral stone material are modernized GRADIS AB-60 with a capacity of 60 t / h, WIBAU WKM-200 with a capacity of 200 t / h and Mobile Asphalt base INTRAME UM-200 with a capacity of 200 t / h.
Asphalt bases are equipped with modern equipment and include: computer-processor control system for pre-dosing materials on pre-dispensers, automatic dosing of hot materials, weighing and mixing with processor control and control computer together with program for keeping statistics of material consumption and asphalt production and automatic-electronic data regulation in the dryer.
The latest generation of ecological filters are installed in the asphalt bases. WIBAU and INTRAME bases are equipped with pneumatic cellulose fiber dispensers (FIBRA).
The quality of input raw materials for the production of finished and installed asphalt is performed by the AG Institute at the location of GP GEMAX in the asphalt testing laboratory.