Testing materials

LaboratorijaGemax formed Laboratory for concrete, asphalt and geotechnical laboratory for the purpose of monitoring production cycles and production.  

Laboratory for asphalt was first established, in June 2002. It is used for monitoring of production and incorporation of fresh asphalt mass. Laboratory for concrete is formed at the same time as Geotechnical laboratory,  in June 2003. Laboratories were moved in annex halls Batajnicki drum bb, Zemun in February 2008.

Laboratories for concrete and asphalt cover all segments of concrete and asphalt production, embedding and warranty period.  Geotechnical laboratory are conducting all testing and analyses concerning the soil, before object construction.

Laboratories operate in ISO 9001:2008 system, and all operations are conducted under supervision of different Institutes: Laboratory for concrete under supervision of IMA, and Geotechnical laboratory and Laboratory for asphalt are under supervision of The Highway Institute. All testing materials conducted in Laboratories are according to Serbian standards (SRPS) and European norms (EN).