Geodetic services

Geodetic department conducts geodetic measurements for monitoring of objects for civil engineering construction and building construction. Due to the expertise in the field, excellent geodetic equipment, software support and significant knowledge in engineering, geodetic services are provided to third parties.

This service is also registered for maintenance of Real Estate Cadastre Survey or Land Cadastre and Utilities Cadastre maintenance as well as activities for special purpose.

GeodeteGeodetic service consists of the following: 

  • Topographical recording for making surveying map
  • Preparation of Cadastral and Topographical plan
  • Preparation of geodetic surveying maps for designing
  • Recording underground installation and  preparation of geodetic survey for the purpose of its entering into Cadastral
  • Transferring the project into the field -horizontal and vertical marking
  • Transferring object monitoring and control during and after the construction
  • Recording of executed works on the object and preparation of as-built design 

Department has following equipment and software: 

  • GPS system LEICA 1200, piece 1
  • Total station, pieces 6
  • Nivelir, pieces 8
  • AUTOCAD 2010
  • Survey  geodetic program, DMT, TRASU, VOLUME (by dr Milana Janića)