About Building Construction

Gemax building construction includes construction of residential, business, industrial, public and other buildings. It includes the following works: construction works, plumber works, and craft works, as well as reconstruction, restoration, upgrading and expanding the structure. The company provides machinery, equipment and labor.

Gemax conduct project management through all phases of construction: initiating, planning, implementation, control and finishing the project. This involves design, technical preparation, procurement, storages, tools, plant and transportation. This logistic supply chain within the company reduces delays and enables perfect synchronization in all activities. 

High skilled workers and workers of all professions are constantly educated in applying modern building technologies, new tools and equipment. The company continues to invest in protective clothing and other necessary equipment always respecting criteria in the area of safety and health at work place.

Machinery plant enables horizontal and vertical transportation on site and prompt delivery of materials to each employee. For the most complex construction, Gemax is using system framework type NOE (wall formwork and formwork panel with drop-down head system) which makes construction much faster.

Fast construction of industrial and prefabricated building is very important today. Prefabricated elements are produced as a prefabricated reinforced concrete, pre-strain or metal elements. Gemax primarily uses its own equipped and well-organized plants for prefabricated and metal construction.

Gemax has completed production process of building construction by building their modern equipped foundation plant. Employees in this plant have significant professional experience and high level of expertise.

The quality of construction and material installation are under daily supervision. The laboratory for quality control examines on a regular basis gravel-screening quality as well as produced and placed concrete. Geodesy department monitors construction with the latest equipment for geodetic measurements and appropriate supporting software tools. Technical staff on the site controls that only certified material is implemented.

 Building construction plants: 

  • Reinforcement plant
  • Precast plant
  • Metal construction plant
  • Installation plant (electrical, water supply and sewerage, and thermal)
  • Concrete plant
  • Screening
  • Foundation plant
  • PVC joinery plant
  • Joinery plant
  • Mechanization and transportation plant
  • Maintenance workshops, etc.