Construction of fuel stations

Since 2001, Gemax has been successfully executing construction works on fuel stations of a larger capacity, located on the major roads.

Fuel station
Fuel station


OMV, INTERMOL and others

DESCRIPTION OF WORKS Construction and reconstruction of gas stations.

over 60 ha

6,8 million €

For the purpose of OMW Serbia during 2001, construction of two fuel stations were executed at Lapovo highway, on 12ha. The compound includes 2 fuel stations, self-service, restaurant with open terrace, children's playground, parking lots for heavy and passenger cars, and landscaping.

During 2001/2002, another fuel station was built, for OMW also, with complete infrastructure in Mirijevo.

During 2002 OMW fuel station was built in Krnjaca on the right side of the Belgrade-Zrenjanin highway, with sale area, restaurant, parking lots, children's playground and all necessary infrastructures.

During 2003, modern OMW fuel station was built in Radnicka Street, at Ada Ciganlija, on 5,500 m2 surface area. In addition to selling area for liquid fuel, there is also selling area for LPG.

During 2005, on highway road Horgos-Novi Sad, two INTERMOL fuel stations were built on the both sides of highway. These modern fuel stations were built on 12.000 m2 providing all of fuel, including LPG and with all necessary facilities: restaurants, children's playgrounds and parking lots for cars and trucks.

During 2006, on highway road Novi Sad-Subotica in Rumenka, two complete fuel station INTERMOL were built on 25.000 m2 surface area, according to the model built on Horgos- Subotica highway.

In addition to these major facilities, Gemax executed works on reconstructions of several smaller fuel stations at different locations in Belgrade.