About Civil Engineering

Civil EngineeringQualified professional staff and adequate equipment ensure Gemax engagement in various activities in the field of civil engineering. Especially on the following works:

  • Mass excavation of various ground materials up to 8.500 m3/per day with transport capacity and immediate transportation up to 650 m3 of various material
  • Delivery and sand covering, daily capacity up to 5.000 m
  • Delivery and embedment of gravel dump with accommodation capacity of 25.000 m3
  • Production and bituminous embedment up to 200 tones/per hour with capacity for embedment through three sets of bituminous pavers and rollers
  • Production of pressed concrete elements, curbs and plates of different dimensions with capacity for embedment and sale
  • Embedment of concrete curbs, daily capacity up to 700 meters
  • Embedment of prefabricated concrete plates, thickness of 3-6 cm, capacity up to 500 m2/ per day
  • Possibility of various works on excavation and installing of all types of sewerage pipes, small and large diameter, up to 8 meters of depth with protective metal framework as well as production and fitting of precast elements of different shapes and dimensions
  • Excavation capacities and installing water pipes of different diameters that follow fitting of materials and construction of various manholes
  • Capacities for breaking existing pavements with special milling machines, excavators with hydraulic hammers and several sets of compressors with pneumatic hand tolls
  • Capacity for construction of gas pipeline distribution network
All these activities are possible thanks to the excellent mechanical and workshop equipment as well as numerous field teams for machinery maintenance.