Production program

Production programProduction program of prefabricated elements "Gemax" consists of:

  • Prefabricated AB cups (cups dimensions are adjusted to pillars cross-section, where they are installed into,  and, in accordance with the request, moulds that enable cups casting for pillars of cross-section are 40x40, 50x50, 60x60, 75x75 cm, and, in special case, expansion pillars)
  • Prefabricated AB ground beams (dimension of these elements are adjusted to project requirements and their cross-sections are from 30x60 up to 40x80 cm, length is not limited) 
  • Prefabricated AB pillars (cross-section 40x40, 50x50, 60x60 and 75x75 cm, length is according to the project requirements, with or without short elements)
  • Prefabricated AB girders (rectangular „L" and „┴" cross-section, length is according to the project requirements)
  • Prefabricated AB main bearers (pre-stressed or classical reinforced concrete, cross-section of  „I 140" or „T" (height ≤ 120 cm), optimal length 21,00 m which is not limited)
  • Prefabricated AB binding rafters (cross-section „T70", length up to 15,00 m)
  • Prefabricated AB edge beams (rectangular cross-section without length limitation, „T70" cross-section, length up to 15,00 m and „T≤ 120" cross-section, length up to 18,00 m)
  • Prefabricated pre-stressed hollow core slabs (thickness 15, 20, 25, 30 and 40 cm, width≤120 cm, length up to 16 m, depending on useful load)
  • Prefabricated pre-stressed small pillars, cross-section 7x8 cm, length 2,5 up to 4,5 m or by request of the customer, for raising orchards and vineyards.