Concrete plant exists as long as the company. At the very beginning the production capacity and technological capabilities were small but we always insisted on a quality. As the company grew concrete plant developed in terms of personnel as well as in technology.

Today Gemax is one of the biggest concrete producers in the region and has a leading position in products' quality. Concrete plant has five concrete factories of total capacity over 200 m3/h and it's able to respond to all requirements of modern construction in both quality and quantity. Currently, there are over 250 different concrete mix designs.

ConcreteMain factories for fresh concrete mass production are using the latest techniques. Computer control allows optimal conditions' setting - humidity of generator, cement, water, concrete additives and the amount of colors for colored concrete. All factories for concrete are equipped with dispensers for more additives, moisture meter for measuring humidity of generators.

Today, concrete production is unthinkable without using concrete additives. We achieved cooperation with all major producers of construction chemicals such as: TKK, SIKA, BASF, MC.

ConcreteWe use 12 mixers for transport of fresh concrete mass, volume from 5 to 10 m3, and for placing the concrete we purchased two concrete pumps, length 38 m' and 23 m'. Concrete factory development was followed by development of Concrete laboratory which is now equipped according to the European standards with professional staff that enables monitoring and adoption of all world's innovations in concrete production.