Mix asphalt plants with the corresponding fractions of mineral stone materials are: modernized Gradis AB-60 with production of 80 t/h and Wibau WKM-200 with production of 200 t/h.

AsphaltAsphalt bases have modern equipment which includes: Computer-processor system management of pre dosing materials, Automatic dosing of hot materials, Weighing and mixing, controlled by processor and computer for supervising, Software for consumption material management and asphalt production management, Auto-electronics control data in dryer. Environmental filters of last generation are built in asphalt bases.

AsphaltGemax's Laboratory for asphalt tests the quality of input raw materials for production of finished and incorporated asphalt.

For transportation of fresh asphalt mass, Gemax has adequate trucks with 2, 3, 4 and 5 axis capacity up to 1.500 t at once.