Carpenter’s productions

Carpenter plant is specialized in making carpentry and equipping exclusive interiors. Except carpenter's works, construction formwork for casting concrete is produced as well.

Carpenter’s productionsThe plant is equipped with all classic carpenter machinery and tools. As a part of the workshop, there is equipment for modern paint works with water wall and drying chamber where the workers are trained for all types of lacquer.   

Carpenter plant directly cooperates with the Project office. Cooperation with the best architects from Serbia is established and under their supervision large number of exclusive objects was built. 

The plant is constantly developing and testing new materials and machines. Fairs, related to this profession, are regularly visited and in cooperation with Faculty of Forestry we are improving work organization. We extremely take care about safety and health at work as well as the environmental protection.

Carpenter’s productionsSpecial place on our interior design reference list have: restaurant "Ruski car", sales objects and administration buildings Porsche SCG, Mc Donald in "Delta City", Gemax business building, which has won international award in Venice, "Doncafe and "JUBpol" in Simanovci and large number of family houses.

Carpenter plant deals with installation for third parties. The most impressive object of this kind is national Bank of Serbia, located on Slavija. For the Italian company TECHNO 15.000 square partition walls on metal substructure, 3.500 square meters of built-in wardrobe and around 2.000 linear meters fenkoil masks and parapet boards were built in. Goods were transported in 55 trucks and the entire installation was completed within 105 working days.