Metal constructions

Metal construction plant executes fabrication and erection of steel work, sheet metal elements, elements and stainless steel construction that meet top quality standards, both in Serbia and the European Union.

“GEMAX METAL” Batajnica, focuses on the following works: 

  • production of of steel construction (from light to heavy construction)
  • production of locksmith elements on request: molds for prefabrication, containers - typical and not typical, waste containers (steel scrap, plastic waste and paper)
  • All types of construction joineries: doors, simple gates, sliding with the remote opening, portals, skylights, blinds, lanterns, fences, etc.. 

The plant is established in 2005. Team of experienced engineers, technicians and craftsmen equipped with modern equipment embrace a very powerful segment of the company. This segment is dedicated to fabrication of steel constructions with capacity around 1.500 tons of annual production. Within the plant, design of fire protection is applied according to the requirements of engineers along with finished works protection controlled with modern measuring devices.

Plant is equipped with a specialized machine for cutting metal sheet, showed in the picture.

Metal ConstructionsWe offer services :

  • cutting and drilling of all forms with high accuracy on the’’CNC’’ with plasma for all types of sheet metal from 3 to 33 mm with a price of 0.20 to 0.50 Euro / kg, depending on the complexity of the projected figure.
  • shot blasting  of sheet metal and all steel profiles with basic protection 
  • shot blasting  all types of profiles up to 400 mm, length up to 12000 mm, 2.5 standard with ISO 8504-2
  • Protection with primer (basic coat) processing with machine after shot blasting  from 15 to 20 minutes by the standard EN ISO 12944-5. Price for both operations is 4 € / m2

By constructing very complex and attractive structures company proved its dedication to high quality performance:

  • Business center, block 23 , New Belgrade  
  • Business building „Porsche SCG"
  • Mega shopping center „Metro" in Zemun, Krnjaca and Novi Sad
  • „Immo" center - „Idea", Bezanijska kosa
  • Object „Doncafe", Simanovci, etc.