Sailing club

The club is located near GP "Gemax" plants on the floating object that is specially equipped for its purpose. It is one of the most beautiful and the best designed clubs in the region. Sailing Club has 100 members from which 60 members are contestants. It owns 40 sailing boats in Belgrade and at the sea, a dozen extra boats for logistics and few exclusive berths for single sailors.

Sailing clubPrime club activities are sport and recreation. Members of the club and general sponsor of GP "Gemax" are proud of 60 years existence during which they won numerous local and several international awards. They are particularly proud of their sailing school for children, young people and those not so young. 

Sailing clubSchool is established on 24th of April 2004. and well organized so that with several levels of training you can acquire solid knowledge in sailing - from class "optimist" (for children) to class "micro" and the crusaders. The course has 8 lessons (including sailing); duration of each lesson is 3 hours. The club also provides all necessary equipment and a coach in accompanying boat.


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