Social Responsibility

Apart from being pereceived as very professional company, Gemax is also recognised as socially responsible company. Always ready to support, assist, sponsor or finance projects for youth, church and various sport events and to impose itself as a leader in humanitarian actions.

Sava awardsWith his personal example, Đorđo Antelj was often the initiator of donor dinners, fund-raising and charity events. Humanitarian action "Donor dinner for Hilandar Monastery restoration", organized in the restaurant Tennis Club "Gemax" on 26th of May 2005, gathered a large number of influential business people and representatives of diplomatic corps in Serbia and Montenegro. For the reconstruction of the St. Hilandar monastery the sum of 32.850 euro was collected.

Mr. Đorđo Antelj is the patron in the construction of the Temple of Saint Sava in Vracar, also the Patriarchate of Pec, the monastery Rakovica, the Church of St. Luke and many other churches in Belgrade and Serbia. He invests significant funds in reconstruction of destroyed churches and monasteries in Herzegovina, his native region.


Mr. Đorđo Antelj has been repeatedly rewarded for his donating activities. One of the most important recognition is St. Sava Order, which was handed to him by his Holiness, Serbian Patriarch Pavle.

Gemax was the first company to support the non-government organization project "Junior Achievement in Serbia" which aim was to present to high school students the world of entrepreneurship and business.

The company is one of the most well known donors in the reconstruction of: children's nurseries, Oncology Institute, the first surgical clinics, maternity homes and others.

PK awardAnnual award Captain Misa Anastasijevic - donor, was handed to Mr. Antelj in 2008. by the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce.

Gemax is dedicated to develop sport spirit in general.  

The company has invested in tennis promotion when noone believed in its future. Today, when our tennis players are the best in the world, it further invests in next generation which will continue to be the number one. Gemax also supports tennis progress in Kosovo.

Thanks to Gemax, sailing club "Brodarac" has been uplifted from complete isolation and financial crash.

Gemax helped with organization for European Championship in 2005 and World Cup in shooting in 2005, for which it received the recognition from the Competition Organizing Committee.