Quality Policy

The Quality Policy of the GEMAX is an overall part of the business policy that is based on the establishment of the market oriented business system. Its essential principle is a continual quality improvement  and respect for the clients' requirements. The realization of our quality policy must be based on the fundamentals of quality management system.

Together with my colleagues I conceptualized The Quality Policy as a means of a successfull organization management, market survival and profit creation. Using the following Quality Policy we make the following provisions:

  • the quality of our products and services is in accordance with the legal and technical regulations,
  • our clients' requirements in terms of quality are satisfied,
  • professional development of our employees,
  • efficiency and effectiveness of processes,
  • all the activities in the enterprize are planned adequately and in due time,
  • the motivation of human resources for the establishment of the quality managment system, its reviewing and improvement,
  • recognizibility of the enterprise as a successful organization.

The Quality Policy represents a framework for the quality objectives. In the realization of The Quality Policy I require the support of my closest cooperators and all the employees in the enterprize and I determine the following general quality objectives:

  • preserving a leadership position in the field of high-rise building and the building of luxurous objects,
  • realization of the maximum of quality alongside the decrease of costs,
  • increase of the clients' satisfaction and gaining mutual trust,
  • continual increase of the employees' knowledge and skills,
  • optimal planning involving all the levels and managing all the business resources,
  • improvement in the performances of the organization,
  • efficient and efective quality management,
  • market increase and enlargement.

The reviewing of the realization of the declared Quality Policy and Quality Objecitves is carried out once a year.

Djordjo Antelj
General Manager