Health And Safety Policy

Health and Safety Policy of company Gemax is an integral part of the Business Policy, which is based on establishing commercially oriented business system, with the principal objective of constant improvement of quality and health and safety at work system, with respect to:

  • Relevant laws and rulebooks related to safe and healthy work in the company, relevant regulations and other demands of good construction praxis,
  • Demands of OHSAS 18001 standard, with special attention to conducting of plans, procedures, and programmes necessary for support and realization of this Policy.

Health and Safety Policy represents a goal frame. In conducting of this Policy, I demand support of my closest associates and all employees, and define the following general health and safety objectives:  

  • Providing secure and healthy work environment, including safe work systems and secure plants, equipment and tools, and by elimination of insecure work conditions as much as possible.
  • Providing optimal and adequate means of personal protection.
  • Keeping pace with modern techniques of preventing accidents from happening, by monitoring and applying the latest standards of health and safety at work.
  • Helping employees rehabilitate after an accident, and providing quick and return to work as soon as possible and without any problems.
  • Encouraging employees to report illness or accidents immediately after their occurance.
  • Defining responsibilities of managers and other responsible persons related to health and safety of employees they are in charge of.
  • Estimation of risk for all working activities, and introduction of adequate measures of control, in order to minimize or eliminate such risks.
  • Establishing the safe work system for all activities which have or could have significant impact on health and safety of employees, their implementation and supervision, in order to determine their efficiency on health, safety and wellbeing of all interested parties.
  • Informing all interested parties about results of health and safety at work system timely and in the most efficient manner.
  • Review proclaimed Health and Safety Policy and Objectives and its realization once a year.

This policy is to be published on the company's web site, as well as posted to visible places on all locations of the company.

Djordjo Antelj
General Manager