Environmental Policy

Company Gemax decided to take care about impacts on environment in realization of its business activities, and to constantly promote management of environment protection, in accordance with demands of ISO 14001 standard.

By applying this Environmental Policy, we are securing:

  • monitoring and application of legal regulative and other demands of good construction praxis in the field of environment protection
  • identification of all environment protection aspects, with special attention to significant aspects, in order to prevent pollution
  • saving resources and energy by using renewable and recycled resources
  • spreading awareness to all employees, deliverers and subcontractors about impacts on environment and proper handling of dangerous materials
  • preventive action in order to stop ecological incidents, and organized action in the case of exceptional situations
  • informing all interested parties about results of the environment protection system on regular bases.

In company Gemax, the Environmental Policy is conducted in accordance with the following general environmental objectives:

  • to maintain position of the leader in construction of buildings, while taking care about their energy efficiency
  • application of contemporary and ecologically pure technologies in construction material production and construction of buildings
  • saving resources and energy, reducing harmful materials and quantity of hazardous waste
  • controlling waste by proper collection, storing and treatment of all types of waste
  • constant training in use of dangerous materials and timely prevention of ecological catastrophes
  • measuring and monitoring of impacts to the environment
  • satisfaction of interested parties through socially responsible business and communication.

As the General Manager of this company, I commit to respect the content of Environment Protection Policy, and to secure successful realization of our strategies and aims.

Djordjo Antelj
General Manager