Quality System

In 2004. Gemax obtained certificate by the DAS, English certification body, for performing following business activities:

DAS logo"Design and construction of groundwork and high building contractions. Production of concrete and metal contractions, prestressed and precasted concrete elements, concrete, aggregate, asphalt, PVC carpentry and glass products. Real estate and renting, Architectural and engineering activities and related technical consultancy."

Quality Management System

ISO certificateThe company has established a quality management system and fully meets the requirements of the latest series of international standards ISO 9001:2008. The process of conducting business is described in detail through a number of procedures and guidelines.

By ISO standard application company's focus is on the quality of business operations which further results in a quality product /construction.

For all construction projects Gemax uses high-quality and certified materials that are only purchased from evaluated and trusted suppliers. The company has its own laboratory for testing the quality of aggregates, concrete and asphalt, as well as geotechnical laboratory testing. It is fully equiped and run by professional staff.

All subcontractors involved in the process of building have been previously checked and evaluated in the process of project preparation.

Safety and Health at Work

The highest priority is given to the Safety and Health at work. With respect to all environmental production standards in construction industries, company enables employees to have their best performance.

Environmental protection

For projects where the company is engaged as a contractor, it applies the Studies on impact assessment and other specific requirements for environmental protection in relation to workspace and environment. This primarily includes preventing measures in planning and implementation of construction projects, educated employees, use of environmentally clean and energy efficient products, use of appropriate machinery and equipment. Permanent monitoring and control prevent unwanted occurancies.