In order to achieve big and strong vision, everything must be well-organized, from a large number of people who participate in it, up to tools they use to achieve it.

                                          Company's functional scheme


Total human and material resources of Gemax are located in several areas:

  • Head office of the company integrates management and logistic functions (Technical Department,  Department of human resources and administration, Finance and Commercial Department, IT department, Department for quality control)
  • Production-service plants are located in Zemun (Geodetic Services, Laboratory for quality control, Prefabrication, Metal construction, Separation, Concrete plant, Plant for automated production of reinforcement, Plant  for repair and maintenance of construction machinery, Tools and spare parts storage, Central storage), and in New Belgrade (PVC and Joinery plant)
  • Building sites are profit centers, fully equipped with materials, necessary equipment and personnel to independently perform assigned tasks

Production plants

All organizational units of the company are connected forming constant and dynamic process of GEMAX construction