Đorđo Antelj began his construction career in Sweden in 1965. Five years late, in 1970. he opened his own company.

After fifteen years of work in Scandinavia, and with great life experience, he returned to his country with a vision which was for many people unbelievable - the creation of his own construction company which:

  • is always oriented towards innovation and new technologies
  • has a professional approach towards every business, regardless of its size
  • provides service with highest international standards for every investor
  • strictly respects the agreed terms
  • makes profit for other participants in the business as well
  • whose competitive prices always mean the highest quality construction

In order to achieve his vision, he encountered numerous barriers. Nevertheless, Djordjo Antelj remained truthful to himself, was persistent and decided to relocate his building department and registered it in Slovenia. In that way he worked in Serbia, Bosnia and other parts of former Yugoslavia through the local construction companies. The survival of private business in socialist Yugoslavia was a difficult task. Đorđo Antelj managed its way to the top thanks to the enormous efforts, energy and a great desire for success.

1989. was a year of great changes in all countries of the Eastern bloc. This was the first phase in the creation of a private sector in Serbia. Opening of his construction company in Belgrade - GEMAX in 1989 was a beginning of a vision.

Corporate value system was established at the very beginning and it's been respected by all employees, in accordance with the values we use in a successful and happy family. Professional, business attitude immediately gained confidence of significant investors in Belgrade and, later, outside the borders of Serbia.